Friday, October 14, 2011

Imsayir-- Pickled Carrots and Peppers

I love Imsayir. Its an essential if you're eating something imbowkha and frankly even just to crunch on. Its a pretty straight forward recipe and adjust according to how much or little you need to make. I make mine in Mason Jars because it makes storage easier when its in smaller containers than in massive jars as the Libyans make it. When I measured the ingredients, I did it PER mason jar. Hopefully that will be easier

What you need:
- 12 Mason Jars
- 2lbs Carrots (washed and peeled)
-4lbs Hot Peppers (I use Jalapeños)
- White Vinegar
-Hot water

What to do:

1. Cut your carrots and peppers long-ways in about 2' in segments. Depending on preference and jar size, that may be longer or shorter.

2. Put the carrots and peppers in the jar. I suggest putting the peppers on top; why you ask? I just do.

3. PER JAR: Add 1.5 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup PLUS 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 3 gloves of garlic sliced, squeeze HALF a lemon (adding the Rhine) 

4. Fill the jars the rest of the way up with hot water and close. Shake the jar up to make sure everything is incorporated. 

5. Leave to pickle for 2-3 days. Refrigeration is NOT needed until you open the jars. Enjoy!

FYI: Using your fingers or greasy spoon to dish out will result in spoiling.    


  1. It's not authentic unless you store it in a large, plastic bucket! ;)

  2. can you use this for pickled cucumbers too??

  3. I love ur blog because it has exact ingredients and pictures! I love that the pictures are step by step. Keep up the good work!

  4. First of all, thank you for this beautiful blog that has authentic Libyan recipes just the way my family makes them. Great Job and keep up the good work Assia!

    Just a quick question... How big are the mason jars that you use? Like are they pint-size or quart-size? Thank you.


    1. you can use any mason jars you like however mine are half a int

    2. In one photo you can see the measurement lines; these are 1 quart / 4 cups / 32 oz 'wide mouth' Mason jars. They look delicious! Thanks for posting.